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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
What did he drop? I take it you didn't get anything considering you would have told us and how long did it take to kill Az and where over there did you find him? I have looked and looked but never have I seen him.
He dropped
Some epic tailoring plan
some random blues and greens and... which I rolled a 90 on

On our fourth attempt we took him down, we have got a group of good players together instead of taking a pickup group. On the first attempt this evening it was the first time we played together in a raid group, we took him down to 50%. On the second attempt we took him down to 22% and had some bad luck and the aggro was lost and he reset. The third attempt was just horrible we lost 4 healers right at the start. The fourth attempt rocked, we had lost all our tanks when he was down to 3-4% when I finally lost the mark of frost and dived straight into tanking him again. We had around 7 healers still standing and every bit of mana went straight into me until I dropped again. At around 1% every warrior with the mark went kamikaze equipped their 2h weapons and slapped recklessness on. No way in hell after all that were we going to lose the damn aggro that time
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