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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Hey.. im new to this kind od MMPRGS games.. hehe, even dont know how to spell it.. however the montly fee of those games was enough reason for me ,to never care about those games.. that generally the more popular had outdated graphics.

Saw GUild WARS yesterday on my friends house . and WOW.. the graphics are awesome.. Hl2 outdoors looks like a joke in comparison.. hehe and the free online play was to good to be true. My friend bought the Expensive version.. i think it cost ~$80. it comes with extra headphones and and awesome Book (hardcover) with very high quality pages ,with the COncept ARt created by Guild Wars artists of the characters and some of the levels drawings while creating the game.. Amazing Drawings ..going to buy the expensive version for the book alone. hehe I think all MMorpg games have very talented 2d/3d artist.. saw the Warcraft videos and was stunned by their graphics.. unfortunately the actual game look completely diferent , far from cinematic.

My question about Guildwars is HOw it compares with WOW and EVerquest2?
it is a short game in comparison? i remember hearing from everquest1 players stories about people playing for 3years the explore everything made for the game. and also mission packs that expanded even more the terrain of the game. However when it comes to explore "incredible huge worlds" i noticed that the original Everquest was a "Tricky Pony" because it was filled with empty spaces.. flat terrain , Repetive graphics , seemed that they achieved the "huge enviroments" by copy/pasting Big parts of the game.. in simple words cheating.. i really dont want to be mislead in that way ,to make me believe im "exploring" something "new" when the reality is that i was playing all over again the same places ,(with smaller tweaks..with a new rock here or there) So the real created world was far smallers that it seemed to be in the game.

So HOw it compares with WOW and EVerquest2? How BIg is the land you need to explore to finish the game? how long the game is from start to finish?
or WHat their developers have said about future of the game.. DO they have plans to continue "upgrading" the game with more worlds like in happens in other games.. ?

My friends is a MMORPG addict.. he has all of them,, hehe .. EQ2/FFX?,SUperheroes,WOW ,anarchi .and others can;t remember their names ,however he never plays them for more than a few months or weeks. since he has virtually no time to play them , only money to waste.. . however found interesting his comments that GUildWars enviroments arent as flat as in other games like EVERques2.. (while characters are pretty) ,because in GW no only the enviroments are big ,but also there are huge castles and mountains.. things that helps alot to inmerse you in the game.

Also found interesting the dicussion of How The developers of Guildwars run this game online ,with local servers ?.. iwas wondering How the Dynamic of the game works since im new to this games, it is like a deathmatch in some parts... and a single player solo/ in others? theres to many question here... hehe.. if anyone can answer just a few them ,i will apreciatte it.. however the most important are about how this game compares with the big ones..
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