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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

Content Updates

Everquest 2: Everquest 2 recieves nightly updates most of the time. Usually done during server resets((The 1 hour resets for server stability). However the content team is always working on new content. Keep in mind upon Everquest 2 release the game had numerous problems. From bugs to poorly implemented content. The Everquest 2 team has done an "Amazing" job of fixing this game up. While there may be some subjective ideas on what are game improvements. Sony continously and actively updates its game. Last month alone we got 2 live updates and a massive overhaul the solo system. Live updates can include anything from content updates such as the addition of new solo zones. ((Such as Lair Of the Necromancer)) Or cosmetic fixes and changes. The important thing to note is EQ 2's team is proactive rather than reactive in their changes and fixes. And this can be seen by their constantly Live Updates.

World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft does not have nearly as many updates. As a matter of fact there have been exactly "Half" the normal updates which would be comparable to EQ 2's Live Updates. And it doesnt recieve anywhere near the updates EQ2 2 recieves total.((Daily Updates as a comparison)). To be fair to Blizzard WoW updates are usually far more refined and the content is usually well implemented. Like EQ 2 Blizzard has added new dungeons. However these dungeons are far more refined. ((Such as DireMaul)) and the content seems to be more thoroughly tested. The big difference Blizzard teams have is that the updates can take several months before they are finally implemented. This can cause long standing issues to remain in game for a long time. It does however allow Blizzard more time to thoroughly test it patches.
I just updated my comparison. I'll add customer support a bit later
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