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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter

you kind of hit it on nail.


unfortunately you have not seen any of the high level zones, so your review is kind of not fair IMO Your highest level is 32? 32 IMO is when the game really opens up and when I really started to enjoy my wizard. If you made it to 45+ you would see what I mean.

Also since you are not big into are missing another half of the game. I am a 50 alchemist, and been one for a while...and yes in the beginning there were a lot of imablances, but I was shcoked they actually did fix tradeskills for the better, though some classes like sage still needs some twinking. I think the tradeskills in EQ2 is one of the best tradeskill system I have ever used in a MMORPG, and I hated the tradeskills in EQ1.

I think by seeing up to level 32 I have seen a great deal of content worth mentioning. I have indepth tested the zones I mentioned. While I may have missed content. EQ 2 is a very slow paced experience grind. The areas I mentioned should be perfectly valid for comparison as most people who start the game will see them for a long time. As a matter of fact. Levels 20-30 have usually been deciding factors for people who have stayed and left.

In regards to the tradeskill system. I'd have to disagree. I dont find that EQ 2's tradeskill system very fun at all.. Far too much reliance on harvesting skills. However EQ 2's main benefit to its tradeskill system is alot of the items created a worth using. I would like to point alot does not = All. I feel I have been very been fair in this comparison and the amount of charactors I played game me a unique experience to test multiple aspects of the game and each city/faction.

Nice review ChrisRay..

i will like to add something about the "size of the worlds" in those games.. i noticed while seeing a friend playing the game.. repetitive graphics in diferent zones in the game. in everquest1 for example the developers use to copy/paste entire parts of the game in another place. So what will look like 8 hours of "new undiscovered worlds" might be nothing diferent than 1 hour of traveling and later running in circles with lots of empty space, .when it comes to explore new zones.. An EQ1 is not too popular for its graphics just for gameplay. Never played EQ2 ,but perhaps it is possible that EQ2 might look to be a lot "smaller" but in reality it could be a lot more Bigger (since there are more developers in that game that in EQ1) with new worlds with more real content created by their artists for their newest game..

So im a bit skeptic with the "size of the worlds" in games .because there could be some tricks made by their developers to make you believe is Bigger.. FOr example in SIlentHunter3 a sub simulator ,you can virtually travel to any place in the planet and it could take you months or years without TImecompression going from A to B. and every patrol will take you easily a couple of weeks .but the reality is that you are just traveling again and again the same terrain ,the same graphics or this case the same water.. hehe
Neither Wow or EQ 2 really suffer this problem. As a matter of fact. I'd say EQ 2 is "More" likely to suffer this problem than WoW. But that would be nitpicking and It's not something worth complaining about. EQ 2 and WoW offer very unique content around the world. Are textures sometimes reused? Of course both games have that happened. But the actual zone layouts are very well thought out. You cant think of its as a dynamically random generated world with small discrepencies between land masses. Each area is quite unique.
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