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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

I think by seeing up to level 32 I have seen a great deal of content worth mentioning. I have indepth tested the zones I mentioned. While I may have missed content. EQ 2 is a very slow paced experience grind. The areas I mentioned should be perfectly valid for comparison as most people who start the game will see them for a long time. As a matter of fact. Levels 20-30 have usually been deciding factors for people who have stayed and left.

It is nowhere as slow as original EQ1 was. I also dont look at it as a grind like EQ1 becuase I am not just sitting and camping and waiting for mobs to spawn. I am doing quests and or helping my guild out with writs.

To me I just dont see how you can review a game when you have not reached high enough level to experience most of the content. It like reviewing HL2, but only playing the first few levels and leaving out the rest. Were you in a guild? I noticed you dont talk about how the guilds work in EQ2. Being in a guild makes a huge difference in fun IMO.

I also noticed you did not mention grouping aspects...or what about the dungeons like Ruins of Varsoon, or even the instances. What about comparing interfaces? What about how you buy/sell like on a broker? Housing? Furniture..Lore

In regards to the tradeskill system. I'd have to disagree. I dont find that EQ 2's tradeskill system very fun at all.. Far too much reliance on harvesting skills. However EQ 2's main benefit to its tradeskill system is alot of the items created a worth using. I would like to point alot does not = All. I feel I have been very been fair in this comparison and the amount of charactors I played game me a unique experience to test multiple aspects of the game and each city/faction.

The thing is you said above you never liked tradeskills, so yeah EQ2 tradeskills wont be fun. Though I have all my harvest skills maxed out..i never harvest..I always buy my resources from other players on the broker. I just dont see how someone can review tradeskills if you are not a tradeskiller. As an alchemist I have made many friends from being an alchemist alone. I have fair prices and I have return customers who will come to me. The Tradeskill community is a community in of itself. What I am trying to get at is if someone reads the reveiw who loves the tradeskills aspect of a MMORPG they wont get a fair opinion.
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