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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Neither Wow or EQ 2 really suffer this problem. As a matter of fact. I'd say EQ 2 is "More" likely to suffer this problem than WoW. But that would be nitpicking and It's not something worth complaining about. EQ 2 and WoW offer very unique content around the world. Are textures sometimes reused? Of course both games have that happened. But the actual zone layouts are very well thought out. You cant think of its as a dynamically random generated world with small discrepencies between land masses. Each area is quite unique.
Nice to know that then..
TExtures ofcourse could be reused wood is wood, however when the graphics averall looks suspiciously similar , between diferent levels or worlds ,with smaller diferences ,then there might be some kind of copy/paste somewhere . This migh be dificult to observe ,but the best way to notice this is if the level1 you are playing now looks completely diferent place than level 2 and 3.. etc.. another way is if you notice "rushed levels" that are too empty. the opposite is complex levels with an insane amount variety and detail. something like Farcry outdoors Really looking for more MMORPG games comparison from you SIr.

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