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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

3D&D skills and such never fully works out perfectly on PC RPG's, especially against PVP though.. I'm interested to see what tweaks the upcoming D&D MMORPG coming out is going ot be like.. My coworker sneers at it though, cause he doesn't believe they'll be able to adapt the rules right to make it work in an onlike mmorpg..

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
Ya that's the downisde to GW. Game has abosolute **** attritibues/skill system. Ah well, can't win em all. 3D&D has got the skills/feats/attributes/races/classes thing down pat. I say people just borrow it, like how KOTOR did.

Also multiclassing in GW has so far proven to be a complete waste of skill points. My next character will be single-class. Also not having the ability to hand out points at character creation blows goats. I'm too used to NWN/Kotor, well...Bioware in general I guess.
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