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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

honestly EQ2 game does definitely change at some point in the levelling process - the whole feel of the game and what youre doing changes (well it did for me anyway).. you go from short groups or solo play to knowing the people you play with each time and you start doing much more involved (heritage and zone access) quests.. you enter great new zones like obelisk of lost souls, cazic-thule temple, lavastorm and solusek's eye (these are my 4 favourite zones).. you become more dependent on other players and your guild.. assuming you have good friends or a good guild in the game, it immeasurably improves as you proceed through the 30's and 40's

sorry to say, but in my eyes the version of EQ2 that I play doesn't start until 35+

oh and yeah I hate tradeskills too! I want to be out killing giants and dragons not making sandwiches back at the soup-kitchen!
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