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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
I never said EQ2 was better then WoW or vice versa...was just saying there are different parts of the game just like it was in EQ1 at different levels. ..and people keep using the word grind...confusing it with EQ1...if you get into a guild and make friends...and do heritage quests and guild not a grind....but some people prefer to play it that way. I guess each its own. me if i am just killing things without a reason I am bored I like the quest system in EQ2 and only do quests.
Originally Posted by Ghosthunter
unfortunately you have not seen any of the high level zones, so your review is kind of not fair IMO Your highest level is 32? 32 IMO is when the game really opens up and when I really started to enjoy my wizard. If you made it to 45+ you would see what I mean.
Well, I'm not saying one is better than the other either, but you did say that you didn't enjoy your wizard until 32. Personally, I have never played EQ2 and I wouldn't deal with it if I didn't enjoy myself for 32 levels. I do find WoW enjoyable from begining til end, especially doing quests with my guildmates or real life friends.

The games are so much alike in the general aspect of things and that's why I say to each their own.

slightly off topic: I wonder if we could make threads based solely on grouping in game? Like start a MMORPG section under games and post to see what servers we are on.
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