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Default Re: EQ2, WOW, other?

I've been playing computer games since 1981 and I think WoW is the best game I've ever played (except maybe for TIE Fighter). I've played lots of MMO's (EQ, EVE, FFXI) but WOW's the only one that got me addicted. I played for 4 months, stopping only for work and sleep. My friends thought I had died...maybe I did. I dunno, but that's the only game I've ever played that hooked me like that. I had to stop, it was destroying my Real Life. Besides, once you get to 60, there ain't all that much left to see or do.
I tried the EQ2 free trial. It's okay, but it doesn't have the same character and humor that WoW is full of. It's probably a lot deeper that WoW though, if that's your bag of tea.
You know what would be great though? A Star Wars MMO that actually worked and did not suck! I'd play that in a second, real life be damned!

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