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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
No they still can't GW only allows you in the mission areas if you are part taking in a mission/quest. You can randomly walk around in one and kill monsters without having a quest/mission. You are limited severly also to amount of poeple onscreen at a single time. If you want to compare GW to anything compare it to Diablo and Sacred... they are literally identical in the gameplay aspect...

Watch out Blizzard, Guild Wars is a worthy contender to WoW's throne......... An excellent MMORPG and one that easily sits alongside Blizzard’s World of Warcraft at the top of the genre. A streamlined experience and excellent blend between PvP and RPG are the largest strengths of Guild Wars; if you have any interest in the genre make sure to check it out...
As a matter is of fact IS an MMORPG game.. MASSIVE Multi Online ROLE PLAYING GAME .. its massive because can play with thousand of people in the same server and you can contact anyone or teamup with anyone at any time you want .. however the game limits for obvious reasons the quantity of people that can be physically in the same place..its have Multiplayer and "Single player" and only can be played Online . and its also an RPG game.. So yes its a MMORPG game.. but not a standar one , it doesnt play exactly like WOW or EQ2.. neither EQ2 plays exactly like WOW or viceversa... there are key diferences and thats because their developers want some originality in their games and have diferent goals, for example Guildwars was made as massive as possible for free online play. And the diferences in the gameplay are because they have diferent opinions about what is fun in a MMORPG game. Some people might call it CCORPG and even call it MSORPG (massive Single player online RPG) but that can be played also as a MMORPG game. Really there arent rules set in stone that says which is the correct way MMORpgs should be played. The fact that the game competes in the same WOW and EQ2 genre.. and its being compared already in many reviews not with the -sims online- but with the same World of Warcraft for nothing. thanks your help .

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