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Default Re: My Indepth Comparison of WoW verses EQ2.

My First MMORPG was WoW. I bought into the hype, and wanted to try it for something different. It made me fall in love with the mmo genre. WoW opened the doors for a whole new computer gaming world. I loved WoW. I was following EQ2 mildly around the same time, it intrigued me quite a bit. I got wow first because of all the "praise" going around. I was captivated by it. Then i got EQ2 for christmas. I started it a bit, but didn't get into it right away because i was captivated by WoW. But then around level 18ish i got bored with WoW. I started to explore EQ2. I got really into it and now i love it. I'm only a level 17 Erudite summoner, but i've been loving the game. There is just something about it that i can't fully describe. The world and it's history, and just it's look and feel. However I've only grouped a couple of times, and I am not a member of a good guild. I'd love to find some good online friends to play with, but i've been having a blast soloing as well. WoW is a great game, but there is something about EQ2 that is special, that WoW doesn't have. Both games are really good, And I play both because they offer different experiences. I like to see good honest comparisons, and not bashes against one or the other.

Oh... and if anyone wants to invite little ole' me into their guild, i'm on the Everfrost server =-)
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