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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by -=DVS=-
Wow once you reach top lvl 20 , game is not PvP only i was wrong , there is such a thing called UnderWorld there 4 different ones i believe , when Country wins battle in Hall of Heros in PvP battles , US > Europe > Korea , then that country gets access to UnderWorlds been there today scary place. Demons , shadows , high levels need uber group to survive , even to enter it cost 1000G , abit easier one cost only 200g though , bah we had team of 8 with 3 monks we got powned at the very start in 1 plat dungeon
Reminds me of hell levels in Diablo

Nice to know.. im more interested in the non-PVP side of the game.. But seem to quick the way so many people are reaching level 20.. for a game that have just 1 month in the market.. it is short the "single player" side of the game?

A side note.. RAge3d is also hooked with GW.. they have their own clan.. maybe we can fight againts them .
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