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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Nv40
Nice to know.. im more interested in the non-PVP side of the game.. But seem to quick the way so many people are reaching level 20.. for a game that have just 1 month in the market.. it is short the "single player" side of the game?

A side note.. RAge3d is also hooked with GW.. they have their own clan.. maybe we can fight againts them .
I hit lvl20 and now fighting in the hell of somewhat (the left buttom island). Well, one of the benefits of being lvl20 to me is that you are more easy to capture elite skills from the monsters, thats an important part of the game.

How i see this game? Other from questing, your main objective is to get the skills that you want, probably as many as prossible.

And you need to get to Drokanr (forget spelling) to get your last armor, not counting those 15k.
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