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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Ok.. This is one of the best review have seen.. cleared almost all my questions..

It does a quick but straighforward comparison between GW and the more traditional MMORPGS games.

Interestingly.. ARENAnet developers of GW (made with some ex-bioware WOW developers) have plans to upgrade the game to the next chapter every 6 months ,and the game already released is just chapter 1. so there should be a chapter 2 late in the year with some others ~ 100 hours of gameplay. if things go well with no delays

The game consist of 25 single player cooperative online missions with 3 multiplayer massive PVP modes.., an as already have been said before players with TOP places PVP mode will have access to extra game unique "single player" multi cooperative online Role playing missions .. with cool new stuff as long as they are on the top players in Guildwars world. this alone is enough motivation for the people to continue improving their skills and their characters combos... but leave behind the people less skilled in combat modes//
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