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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Originally Posted by rinthos
You do need to be practical, there are approx 40 posts of people that want a FreeBSD 64-bit driver. 40 people. 40 nvidia owners......that's quite a tiny number of people.
Do you really think that people from all over the world magically found this forum, and then somehow managed to find this particular thread? I'd estimate this group of 40 as a mere 1%. So there are easily 4,000 people that would like and use the driver. Here's an idea, write the driver put it out there and see how many times it gets downloaded. I guarantee it'd be more than 40 -- Idiot.

Most people just email the support team directly at Nvidia if they really cared.
Not mess around on this "Disney Land mickey mouse forum" made for 14 year olds like you.

Geesh mommy can I click all of the happy idiot Smiley Icon's now.....?
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