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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

the more i hear about the next gen consoles the more convinced i am that i should stick will my pc gaming hobby. it seems like (especially MS) they are trying to weld the two platforms together with things like the universal controller and cross platform multiplayer and more universal SDK for creation. it also seems that several of the next gen games are in production for the pc at the same time. so i thinks to myself...if i want the best gfx (which i do) then stick we pc cuz you can upgrade...

i think the idea of a universal controller is great. ive been playing all my games with a modded xbox controller on my flat screen tv...i know half life 2 is easier with a mouse but there is just something WAY cooler about kicking back in a couch and playing with a controller. common people seem to be much more impressed by it...hehe.
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