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I've tried two GF2's --an MX200 (which is mine) and a asus gf2 Ti (also called GTS i think)
Both work fine using latest nvidia driver and kernel 2.4.20 (with ac2 patch applied - which may have no bearing).

While testing the GF2 ti in my Asus A7V333 system, I had the chance to test the gainward GF4 ti-4200 in a SiS735 chipset motherboard (ECS K7S5a)
It also crashed using default NvAGP settings --but up until it crashed, it effen flew.
That's because SiS735 is a supported chipset of the Nvidia gart driver under Linux and it was using AGP 4x for real.

KT333 however, is not supported by nvidia's gart driver.
No one using KT333 boards has seen their GF4 running at 4x in Linux yet.
Half their investment is flushed down the toilet by this non-support.

I won't try to explain Nvidia's reasoning. There aren't that many boards that use the SiS735.
KT333 boards are legion, and many more people have them.
This makes no sense.
This sucks.

Now, what I'm wondering is not what another GForce card will do, but what is ATI's Radeon Linux support like?
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