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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

I guess ignorance *really* is bliss. You obviously havent tried. I have spoken to people that have gotten an Ati Radeon 92XX AGP cards to work in FreeBSD AMD-64 in hardware accelerated OpenGL mode "perfectly" . Have you even looked in the FreeBSD AMD64 forums? I know you haven't.

Duh? Guess what I am doing now? Returning my 6600GT and going to purchase an ATI.

Instructions for ATI Cards Only: Install DRI, and the following is necessary in your kernel configuration:


Ok I will be more specific. Ati Radeon 9500series, 9600series, 9700 series, 9800series, x300 series, x600 series, x700 series, x800 series (and all mobile variants) have -no- 3d support in FreeBSD and Ati has no plans to support any of them for. For "older" cards (9200 or prior) you can get 3d support to function via the Dri (opensource) drivers.
Sorry for my lack of clarification.

Regarding my initial comment about the number of people requesting nvidia to support amd64 for freebsd, I was ->Not saying<- "don't voice it to nvidia", I was trying to imply that you should demonstrate the number of people with such a demand. Obviously this forum isn't home to that many FreeBSD amd-64 users. I'm sure there are more out there, many of whom are likely unaware of the consideration of the drivers.
If you want Nvidia to make a business decision in your favor, your best bet would be to 'gather' the FreeBSD amd64 users out there and get some further encouragement from them, as 40 people here (as previously stated) is one tiny market.
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