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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Originally Posted by ynnek
Xbox 2 is going to be awesome once its out.. (like late this year right?)

Its graphics is going to be better than the best PC stuff.. or at the very least, equal to the best PC stuff, for hundreds less.

But after a year or so, the PC will catch up.. and after a few years, surpass it.. like always.

I'm hoping future PC games will be able to take advantage of a PC more powerful processors, and have more enemies, better AI, more objects etc..

Although since, gaming is starting to become multiplatform... like what other people have said, serving the lowest demoniator may put the damper on PC games.

Console games generally never have the depth of some PC games have though... or the user mod and community around them... The day PC gaming dies, is probably the day I drastically cut down on gaming too..

3 months after xbox 2 the pc will run the same games faster at higher resolutions with more features enabled. On the day of release the highest end computer will run the same games at around the same frames, on higher res's.

As much as i love gaming both genres, the industry does not shoot itself in the foot. R&D ran at the same time for all 3 consoles within the pc spectrum so that it would be a more seamless transition between not only technology but games.

The console to really fear is the ps2 or rathers its technology, if your a pc hardware addict.
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