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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by _fLaK_mOnKeY_
I dunno maybe I was a bit rash. I suppose I should've just let it go but I don't take very kindly to people raining on other people's parades which was what I interpreted him as doing. bah these damn 12-hr shifts can make you a bit grumpy . . . sorry about this guys. don't mind my stupid rants . . sometimes I get a little . . . iffy.
It happens. Lets just talk about WoW.

Anyway I have been PVPing but man is it hard for a warrior. What makes it even more hard is that no one will listen and work as groups. Every once in a while I will see the Horde start working in groups and using stratagy and it is really cool to see a good plan executed even if it does zerg us. LOL I just like it when the group communicates preferably on Team Speak. You can do so much damage with just a group of 5 if they pick two out of the pack and take them down. BTW PVPing at XR is the best place, TM realy does suck because of all the guards that poo out of NO WHERE! LOL!!!!
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