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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Where did you get that?

I'm using a 13-23 Elemental Earth Flatbow
+20% damage when health is abveo 50% i believe
+4 armor (bow grip)

Plus bonus damage from being personalized to me.

I think I have another bow siting in storage 13-23, except its piercing damage, and its a recurve bow i believe.. i forget.

I haven't gotten the Tiger's Fury skill yet either.. Did you get it from a quest?

I'm on the fence, for my N/R, deciding if I should wear my +40 armor, or should I switch over and run naked with scars +30 armor, but with alot of +energy and +energy regen... (just got into Lion's Gate recently)

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Yup... I just got done buying me a new 15-28 halfmoon bow yesterday and my gosh... I love the speed so much when combined with Tiger's Fury (attack 33% faster)... basically Legolas from LOTR lol.

If any of you guys have a gold short bow or half moonwith some good +dmg (while health above 50) let me know and I will buy it... I wish I could find a 15-28 half moon with +20% damage while health is above 50%... with that I would basically explode lol.
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