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Default Re: Doom3 Timedemo for older GPUs

Originally Posted by ricercar
Speaking of playing Doom3 with a 5800U. The stock dustbuster fan was too loud to play after the kids went to bed, so I took off the plastic FlowFX from one of my 5800U cards. I replaced the thermal pads with paste, and put a fan on each side: a 80mm LED fan on the GPU copper, and a 60mm CPU fan on the backside copper. The 5800U temperature now stays under 60C silently, and a soft blue LED glow reminds me when the card goes into 3D modes.
I would like to see some pictures of that set-up, too. I'm looking for a way to reduce the decibels emitted by our 5800U, also-
I will say the nV30 has treated us well for the past 2+ years. For some reason, the image quality seems better than with the 6600GT that replaced it. Long live the dustbuster...
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