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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Well, from reading around here and there, turns out Halo 3 is "slated for a 2005 release". DOA 4 and Project Gotham 3 are going to be definite release dates.

EDIT (from
* European release one week after the US
* Japanese release in December
* It’ll be out in less than 6 months (i.e. before November)
* Halo 3 slated for 2005 release
* The two types of Xbox Live appear to be correct
* The X button is used for Xbox Live and displays your controller number
* [Translated] “You will be able to transfer stuff from an iPod.”
* USB-recharging of the controller batteries
* Release titles include: Perfect Dark Zero, PGR3, and Kameo
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