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Hmmm.. I'm running a Gf2 MX here at the office without any problems.... But then it's AGP. I can't remember whether the Nvidia Manual mentions anything regarding PCI configurations... Maybe there is something a miss...

IBM boards are usually very stable.. (Especially now they also support Linux alot more than before)...

Is the IBM system a server or workstation??? (I've been a little out of touch with IBM stuff, as I build my own now...)

Have you checked to see if the mother board chipset is being recognised properly?? (If it's anything like Windows, if it doesn't install the chipset drivers properly, then things like PCI detection will be random, (Or even just generic) and not properly configured.) This maybe part of the problem. (You can check this by running #cat /proc/pci, and check the output of the chipset & video card stuff)
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