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Default Re: XBOX360 revealed tonight @ 9:30PM EST/PST on MTV

The new XBox puts my PC to shame...that bothers me.

I was looking at the specs and I don't see any mention of Optical out for stereo systems. With 5.1 digital audio I would assume it would have it. The PS2 does.

The whole Xbox Live thing seems to me like a nice way to get more money from gamers after they've paid 60-70 bucks for the game, and pump commercials in your face while you play. Micropayments? I gotta pay 1.99 to get the UBER sword in some game instead of finding it myself? Screw that! Makes me not want to buy the thing.

But then again, I just blew all my money on a new HDTV just for gaming. So I'm commited. I just hope this sucker has some decent games out when it releases, and not just racing games and basketball. Guess I'm gonna have to get a net router too. Time to start saving cash.

Now bring on The PS3! Let's see what cards the Japanese are holding!
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