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Default GForce4/ X is crashing with all driver version!

Hello, I have a big problem with NVidia's drivers for the GForce4 MX440

When I open any File with any graphical editor (Kwrite, XEditor, Kate, Konqueror, Kdevelop, etc.)
X crashes immediately. Furthermore I'm unable to browse the web with Konqueror because it causes X to crash immediately too. The same when I start wine.

Everything else is working really well (Wolfenstein, VMware, All other apps fullscreen or not using glx or dga).

I was pretty sure it wasn't the video drivers but when I tried the last release 4191 it was unable to load X at all so I started testing it...

ALL drivers version from 2802 to 3123 does the same thing.

When I use 'nv' instead of 'nvidia' in the XF86Config-4 and I don't load the 'glx' extensions everything works just fine for all apps and X never crashes. (of course Wolfenstein does'nt work but it surely needs the GLX extensions).

Please can anybody help me with this,

NVidia's drivers are the ONLY THING on my computer that I haven't compiled myself with the source so it's becoming really frustrating
not to be able to solve this single really bothering problem I have on my system.

Mr Pink
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