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Default Re: NVIDIA Drivers in Gentoo

Originally Posted by Mr-Ed
splink wrote:

And your point being as to replying to the problem of the starter of this thread?
Or r u trying to start a new problem in this thread?
Stay relevant here... Hate it when ppl continuously try to ask solutions for their problems in threads which have nothing to do with the original poster's problem!

Greetz Mr-Ed
If you read the 3 other posts i have put on this subject, and also the posts on numerous other linux forums I have done, you will find out that its an underlying problem which many users are having with certain cards, of which there is no definitive solution from nvidia which says "just do this"

I have posted a bug report, along with a few other people, to nvidia to make them aware of this problem.

Unfortunately, I sent my card back to my vendor, as I am not paying 250.00 for a card which does not work as it says it does
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