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Default Re: NVIDIA Drivers in Gentoo


I've seen your random posting and a 'black screen' can be anything, can it?
You post here with the notion he's having a black screen, but u haven't looked at what the underlying problem of this person was: EDID's! No Xid 11 or other segfaults, but EDID's... (Btw: the original poster NEVER mentioned a black screen, but shutdown of his monitor, which has nothing to do with a nvidia-card lol. Except for the fact they have a work-around for monitors behaving badly)

You want to tell me that it's the same? Be my guest, dear sir... Give me the proof, that your problem and his indeed is the same! Just because nvidia wasn't working for u, doesn't give u the right to behave the way u do now... And your demand for help isn't very nice 2, drivers take time to develope m8...

Greetz, Mr-Ed
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