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Default Re: XBOX360 revealed tonight @ 9:30PM EST/PST on MTV

Originally Posted by fxgamer
I love high resolutions too much, and I can't afford a $2,000 dollar hdtv, so pc gaming is my choice. I also enjoy the mod community, maps, skins, etc. I've grown too used to making more out of the game that what I paid for in the box, UT2K4 is a perfect example of this. Console games are still generally what u pay for is what u get, where as pc games have plenty extensions thanks to the community. But I see your point, seeing doom 3 and soon hl2 on xbox makes me a bit man, they paid $150 for that to run, I paid so much more, but at the same time, they also get lower res textures, etc.
But, if they had/are porting it to the 360 then you get an out of box experience that is even better...and it's at $450 instead of the PC price.

You got a good point about the mod community though. It's soon to tell whether or not Live! Silver will bring this to consoles. It would be nice if it did, community based vendors for mods etc.
The Adama maneuver was incredible, go watch Exodus pt 2.
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