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Default Re: NCSoft nabs Unreal 3 Engine

really? was it like that on that unreal demo showed a while back?

Originally Posted by Intel17
Not necessarily. Graphics wise, I'm absolutely sure that Carmack's next renderer will be superior (He's writing all of his shaders in straight assembly, now that's amazing). UnrealEngine 3 only has soft shadows from dynamic characters when there are static lights.

If there is a moving light in the scene, everything casts a shadow-volume.

Also, UE3 is being licenced for the tools. The tools are second to none, and literally godlike. In UE3 there wont even need to be programmers doing gameplay coding or shader generation or anything!

That's the key to UE3's licencing, not having superior visual capability and gameplay capabilites (whatever that means).

Oh, and UE2 sold much better than any other engine to date, yet CryEngine and especially Doom3 make it look like crap.
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