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Default linux 4191 drivers and dvd performance

I have recently installed the 4191 tar files on RedHat 8.0 latest kernel and i have noticed that my dvd performance has seriously degraded, i have DMA on etc etc and the quality is very poor! I have had DVD's running perfectly under previous kernels and nvidia drivers, whats happened?

Card is GeForce 2 MX PCI 32MB, Celeron 850MHz, 256MB RAM

I have noticed that normal, general 2d performance is poor, i don't bother with gaming but i want my dvd's back.

Anyone know why the 2d performance is so slow?

Please help, i have seen various threads but it seems like there are a whole stack of problems with 4191.

I can startx ok, it all looks ok but the performance is ****.

P.S if i want to downgrade drivers and still run the latest kernel is it possible, i think i might can these 4191 drivers, how do i downgrade the drivers?


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