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Default Geforce FX + Nforce2 mobo problems

Okay I have this biostar nforce2 motherboard, and a pny geforce_4 FX, and I just installed a fresh install of windows XP, when everything was done installing I installed the nforce drivers (from - i lost the cd), then i reset my computer, uninstalled the default "Geforce FX (microsoft corporation) drivers, and installed the geforce drivers from - this is usually how I do things, but this time I notice the quality of the graphics is very low. The text looks like it is some sort of a DOS text, and pictures on the internet do not look clear at all, very jagged, with no anti-aliasing. I do have a flat screen monitor, and the drivers will not load for it (hitachi cml174sxb, I downloaded, tried to "update" my monitor driver, and it said it didnt match.

Does anyone have an idea on what I can do? I noticed when i installed the nforce drivers from the website, their wasnt a mention of the chipset anywhere, but I figured it was included anyways.

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