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Default map1f

A quick grep of the glx source code available from SGI suggests that request code 144 corresponds to X_GLrop_Map1f which is the glx code for glMap1f

What I am not clear on is the exact meaning of GLXBadRenderRequest
1) Does it mean that the nvidia drivers are not recognizing code 144(X_GLrop_Map1f )? If so then this is a bug in the nvidia drivers and should be reported to
2) Does it mean that bad/unusable values were passed into the glMap1f call? If so then this is probably a bug in the program you are using.

What sort of confuses me is that you are seeing GLX errors popping up. My understanding (which could very well be mistaken) is that if you are running an application locally then it will use "DirectRendering" which bypasses GLX for most/all normal rendering operations.

Please run glxinfo and see if it reports
direct rendering: Yes
and that both the GLX vendors and the OpenGL vendor are listed as nvidia.

If not then the drivers are not properly installed.
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