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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Nv40
yes,, figure it already.. but thanks..

Dont know if this is the thread to share game tactics , but i think it will be a great idea to make a sticky post an Nvnews FAQ for Guildwars.. where people can use for reference. the same could be done for EQ2 or WOW.. with only the aswers to most of the questions of each game .

The manuscript that came with the game says something about weaponsmith.. perhaps im too early on the game to look for them..just curious where they are..
I've played throgh Pre-Searing 3 times already, I'm starting to become a expert. I might type up a noob guide for the area. Give a few class suggestions as well [I've played around with Warrior + Most Secondary Professions].
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