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Default console gaming forum or sub-forum?

Console gaming is getting bigger so why not give it its own section? I think it would be a great idea to let consoles have there own section being that three new systems are on the horizon and will garner much attention. Its beyond me but some just cant seem to appreciate and accept two forms of gaming and thus every thread dealing with a console game is constantly interrupted by someone who has to get into which is better or more powerful. I have been gaming for near two decades and appreciate and love both but thats just damn annoying to see in everythead dealing with consoles. I really despise this constant whining (yes like what I am doing now) which most times is by PC gamers who look at console as if there for kids. This will eliminate the beef hopefully or keep it to a minimum. Surely it deserves its own section if a genre of all things like MMORPS's gets its own. No?
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