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Default Re: G70 & G80 Specs to come! Help need more Info...

IntelInside, you are wrong about the X850XT PE; you will be able to use it in AMR down the road. If you read a little and did not spout gospel, you would know that ATI will debut multi-GPU MB's and features at this years Computex. Interestingly, it will allow a next gen ATI part to be coupled with last gen X850, for instance (it will basically default to the lowest common denominator). Consider this, the X850XT PE crushes the 6800GT. In tandem it will do the same .

However, before any Nvidia/ATI fanboyz start chest thumping about my part is better than your part, why not wait until Computex and see what is available. As an aside,personally, I am more interested in PS3 than XBox360, but I plan on getting both. I have had Nvidia and ATI parts. I will give my money next gen to the one with the best feature set and speed. BTW, NV40 you are also wrong. ATI drivers are much better now, and they at least attempt to update their official drivers more than three times a year. This forum is starting to sound like the Republicans vs the Democrats. It is definitely fun to watch. Peace.
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