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Default Re: First real image of xbox360, new controller and remote

Originally Posted by ynnek
yes.. but those are also checked and maintained on regular basis
I have a hydrolic floor jack that hasn't been checked or maintained for the past 8 years, and its always been shook around, dropped, etc. No leaks.

Besides, they don't have to use water either. There are other chemicals available with the same or better cooling properties as water that don't have any conductive properties.

Originally Posted by ynnek
Thats the biggets hurdle.. maintenance.. Most plastic tubing will slowly allow coolant to evaporate and leave.. slowly, but surely... however, there's stuff out there that won't do that (for any appreciable amount in a timespan in 5 years at least).. and stuff that won't rot and clog.. hence why your seeing water cooled stuff slowly appear straight from the factory to your avg end consumer now.
That wont be a problem either, they can just use stainless steel tubing. It's an embedded system; flexible tubing is not necessary. Or if it was necessary, they could always use flexible copper tubing, which is frequently used for gas pipes and doesn't even leak that.
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