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Default Re: XBOX360 revealed tonight @ 9:30PM EST/PST on MTV

The big Blockbuster FPS games that used to be exclusive to the PC (Half LIfe, Quake, Doom, The Sims, etc.) will be multiplatform from now on.
With the power of the next gen consoles, the ease of developing for a stable platform, and the HUGE player base, developers will eventually stop making PC exclusive FPS games.
All they need to do is replace one of the joysticks on the controller with a touch pad, like on a laptop or the DS, and gamers won't miss the mouse so much. Have a wireless keyboard nearby, or a headset for chat, and what do you need a mouse for? Once they get get MMORPGS and RTS games easy to control from the sofa, the PC game market is dead.

Why pay $1200 for a PC when you can have the exact same experience for $360?
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