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Exclamation Re: Tv-output hangs computer at shutdown

Same thing happens to me. In addition to this though, I can't start up my system with tv-out enabled + s-video connected to the TV. My system doesn't exactly hang, since I can still SSH into it and do what I gotta do to remedy gay problems like this. Right now my only solution has been connecting pins 1-6,2-7,3-8 with paper clips to fool the card into thinking there is a monitor and then connecting the s-video after it has started up. Otherwise anytime it looks to the built-in nvidia tv-out encoder while it displays the console over the same decoder there is a deadlock of some sort. Same reason why switching from X to console produces a problem for all of you guys. The problem exists for me both ways. I'll just keep complaining till it gets fixed, but it seems to be a software semaphore that doesn't get initialized or reset or something. It's definitely software since this isn't a problem when booted with windows. Sadly, windows doesn't have anything that can compare to mythtv so that's not an option for me.

So maybe nvidia can pay attention to one of these threads and fix this problem with the built-in NVIDIA tv encoder!
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