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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Nv40
Im a warrior at level 6 but still at the begining of the game.. wanted to be armed ,very well protected and very strong before moving to the next Missions in the game

I was looking to mix Warrior with Rangers secondary.because i really like them. However i notice that the supposly advantage of rangers of distance is very weak at best.. because once i atack a monters.. they quickly comes closer enough to me ,to be at range for an atack ,and this is before i manage to fire a second shot.

So i was wondering if in more advanced levels the RAngers are really "snipers" that that can take advantage of their superior experience in long range atacks.. because otherwise the Bow will be useless to me.. and they are not as "fast" as the manual says.. the REdBull that is in lake at the begining of the game very quickly gets me,if i run away.. THe game is so balanced that it can ruin the gameplay at least in the ROleplay part of the game. since it can make unrealtic the battles ,because almost all foes in the game can atack you at long ranges. Even Those that walk in 4 legs.

ANy chance the rangers can fire their arrows at greater distance at more advanced levels ? perhaps i know the asnwer..but still have some hopes.. Anyone with a well developed Ranger ?

Also.. It is possible to drop or switch your second proffession later if you dont like it ,without losing your abilities in the first?

the class suggestions might be great idea .. but damn i really wanted to be a warrior /ranger .
Only way to get more range is use a longbow (or any "long" bow) Shortbows and half moons have poor range but fire faster.

Yes, eventually you can change secondary classes... but it is near the "end" of the game (missions wise). You even keep your original secondary skills (IF you decide to switch back to that profession... you can't use them if you don't have the profession).

And warrior/monk is pretty good. Take damage and be able to res. But if you need some help, feel free to message me (I will be under either Klaus Barnabas, or Dr Tobias Funke).
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