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Default Re: Tv-output hangs computer at shutdown

Maybe not, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't change. My ATI card didn't work for a long time because ATI support sucked as I'm sure all of you know, but now it works quite well, so maybe I'll be switching it up. ATI can have my money. We show our approval by buying certain brands, well, ATI kinda hurt for thier lack of interest in the linux community, but I think they've realized thier own mistakes and are headed in the right direction. Maybe NVIDIA needs to learn the same lesson as more and more HTPCs are sprouting up, TV-OUT needs to be working well with linux distros. MythTV is IMHO the best solution out there available for HTPCs but you gotta have a card to back it up. I guess we'll see. Hopefully this lack of attention will change since I really do like my NVIDIA card. I'm just not happy with the current situation of the TV-OUT.
Maybe if this thread gets big enough it will draw some more attention...but probably not.
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