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Default Re: *** Official Guild Wars Thread ***

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Only way to get more range is use a longbow (or any "long" bow) Shortbows and half moons have poor range but fire faster.

Yes, eventually you can change secondary classes... but it is near the "end" of the game (missions wise). You even keep your original secondary skills (IF you decide to switch back to that profession... you can't use them if you don't have the profession).

And warrior/monk is pretty good. Take damage and be able to res. But if you need some help, feel free to message me (I will be under either Klaus Barnabas, or Dr Tobias Funke).

thanks for the info.. interesting.. going to try it..
I noticed that you dont need to be a RAnger ,neither a Necromancer or ELemental to use their weapons.. which is quite odd.. when you only have 1 profession. makes me wonder if the only benefit of other proffesions is their magic combos .

I already have 4 skills(the icons at the bottons with magic moves) but only 2 of them based around sword atacks alone.. which are extremely effective in battles. The sword is my favorite weapon.. so did you know if there are others special moves/skills that are just for the sword atacks? I asked for more training for the warrior, but the next training is for others weapons like Hammer.. which i dont like.. .. it looks more cool the warrior with a sword and a shield.. is there any way to continue training in the arts of sword fighting or perhaps this is ramdom and you need to finish the game to get more?

Maybe what i need is find guide book for the game.. that could explain the use of every weapon ,every skill and every item.. like a bible ..because it sucks to not know what are the purpose of some of your items/weapons and skills and combos that will best benefit you in your proffesion. i have big inventory and probably most of the things i have are useless. Right now collecting lots of IRON ,granite ,wood,stones and some other other materials just in case they migh be used in the future to build new armour or weapons.. diferent than customization.

a side note.. Here i included some screenshot of the game..
Guildwars have the nicest looking outdoors i have ever seen in a PC game.. the water in Farcry might be slighty better.. but the all around graphics are simply stunning..the Sky even have HDRish blooms also .

One of the coolest thing in the game is the so many ways you can equip your characters for protection and the near unlimited weapons availlable to choose.. but also even dress your character and paint them with your favorite colors if you find bottles of ink in your quest ..

Notice there in the screenshot it only have 4 skills.. (icons) at the booton. but the last two are only availlable if you use the sword as your primary weapon. Will love to get more skills for the sword fights..alone.. if they are really good i might just stay as a single class proffesion alone.. Kick ass game..
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