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Default TV encoder chip problems

All has been fine with my card since I picked it up. Everything has been working as should be, until a couple days ago..

My case temps started to get unusually high with my TV plugged in. At one point, it was 40c, well above the room temp of the area around the case (I have had my AC blowing cool air into the case for awhile now). Unplugging the TV made the temps go down a lot (from around 36c to about room temp which is around 28c-ish, don't have MBM5 installed yet).

I turned off the computer with the tv still plugged in, unplugged it, then decided to feel around the components inside to see which one might have been overheating. CPU, memory, hard drive, sound card, all fine, northbridge was good too. But, the tv encoder chip on my video card almost burned my hand when I gently touched it!

There is no negative effects except the temp. increase.. but this has me worried if I shattered the diminishing lifespan on my Ti4200. Think I should get rid of it in favor of a different card? Perhaps something I could try, like putting a heatsink on the TV encoder chip (sounds crazy though?)

Quick Edit: After thinking about it for a second, I think that when it hit 40c with the TV, it was during a load and with no AC. Been folding a lot lately, so it was probably a load since it was the middle of the day around the time I wasn't using it.. still, there is a temp increase that has me really worried..
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