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Default Re: Screenshot Thread - Summer 2005

wow, farcry with that x64 stuff looks amazing! too bad i don't have farcry.

sorry i don't have any thumbnail pics, i'm too lazy to reupload them as they are on my site.

4xAA/16xAF (might be 4/8, don't remember)
high quality in game settings
(i didn't know ultra looked alittle better)

UT2004 with afew mods
2048x1536 (last pic from gf4ti4600)
8xS AA/16xAF
holy ****! settings

as you can see, i've got a huge monitor.

i have alot more, but i really need to upload them to imageshack to get thumbnails (unless there is a way to have them thumbnail off my site? )
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