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Default Re: WoW: Horde or Alliance?

Horde is outnumbered nearly 4 to 1 on my server(Eredar PvP). It can get difficult at times but it adds to the challenge a bit(lvl 26 warlock ATM). Oddly enough most alliance don't care to zerg the high level horde towns like Og, Tbluff, or even Undercity. Rather all that seems to be zerged is frickin Tarren Mill. Every time I go there, whether for a quest or just to see what's goin on there's at least 10 high lvl alliance. Can any alliance speak up as to what the significance of Tarren Mill is to the Alliance? Is it like a rite of passage for an alliance player to gank at least one lowbie at Tarren Mill before moving on? Or do you guys just have nothing better to do? Seriously . . .

On a side note last night I got the killing blow on a lvl 60 NE rogue last night at TMill. not too shabby for a lvl 26 warlock IMO.
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