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Default Re: PlayStation 3 "Official"

Originally Posted by steeda
I disagree. Don't compare meaningless things like FP operations per second that don't add up in real world. I look at things like the EDRAM on the ATi chip in XB:

256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM

Embedded DRAM is a massive advantage that will let the ATi just tear up that NV chip. I also don't buy the promises of the "Cell", and consider it BS marchitecture. Remember the "emotion engine"? Sony is notorious for BS. Xbox looks to have more rendering power as well as CPU power. Please don't compare "550MHz" to "500MHz" video card clockspeed either, another meaningless spec.
I've got a wait and see stance. Cell is at this point still a myth/legend. Nothing has been quantitatively done to characterize performance of either design. For all we know the 360's CPU's are garbage. You may have a point in the memory bandwidth/embedded dram issue. However, this stuff all still has to travel over a bus either from the CPU to the GPU or vice versa in certain cases.

We just don't know enough at this point.

There is one thing for certain though, Sony picked out better demos. It may be "speculated realtime" but I'm still impressed
The Adama maneuver was incredible, go watch Exodus pt 2.
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