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Default FreeBSD installation problem. Please help?!

I am new to FreeBSD, but have everything up and running. Well, all exept the Nvidia driver.

I have compiled and installed my kernel using the USER_LDT and SYSVSHM options. I also made sure that device agp, was in there also. I then installed the driver, and when rebooting I get a system stop at the mounting blah blah. It totally locks up and all I can do is to push the reset button on the tower.

I am using a GeForce 2 GTS w/32 mb ram, on an K7S5A Elite MB w/SIS chipset.
I cant say for sure but I wouldnt think it is something misconfigured in XFree86, as it doesnt even get that far (I dont have it set to auto boot anyhow). Does anyone have any ideas?
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