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Default Low OpenGL Performance

This is my last place of hope before I email nvidia. My problem is lack of FPS in RTCW or Quake3 in linux, specificly Gentoo.

Using a reference point and RTCW, I get 70fps in windows, and 47fps in linux. Oddly enough if I launch the app from a 16bit desktop, rather than 24, I get 70fps just fine. I know people will argue about X switching depths, but in that scenario I can switch the game to 16bit and it looks much worse and fps goes up even higher. Problem with that scenario is a strange 'overlay' of sorts in game, so it's not a solution, just an example that my hardware can run windows like performance in linux, as it should.

I have tried just about everything, multiple kernels, removing agpart and using nvagp, mtrr support, low latency, preempible kernel, you name it I've tried it, fps goes no higher than 47.

My hardware is pretty standard, BX chipset, GeforceSDR, SB16, P3 at 1ghz. I once screwed up the X config file and my fonts where all wrong, 60hz at desktop, but the game launched in 1024x768x32 at 85hz and gained about 10fps. There must be some little trick that I'm missing, I know it can do it but if I mess with it much more I'll be put in an insane asylum. I'm on day# 5 as I type this. If anyone has any ideas please shoot them my way. TIA.
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