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Interesting. I suspect that everything worked ok in 3123 since I recall watching at least one DVD at fullscreen and I am sure I would have noticed the degradation.

I tried downgrading back to 3123, but couldn't manage to get X to start up right.

I don't think it is a codec or player issue since the problem occurred both with DVDs and with avifiles and both with mplayer and with ogle.

Also, I assume it is not a direct hardware problem, since DVDs play just fine under M$ XP.

This leaves me with the suspicion that it is either a driver or a configuration problem. Since my XF86Config is pretty vanilla and since I have a standard RH8.0 X11 installation, I suspect it is a driver issue with scaling.

I guess I should try one more time to downgrade back to 3123 to test the hypothesis.
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